Robert and Sarah-Louise Isaacson

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new business; Business Mechanisms Coaching & Consulting Limited.

Why Business Mechanisms? Every business requires convergence of different processes and outcomes, we call these mechanisms, each mechanism must seamlessly interact with the previous and next in order for your business to work effectively. The mechanisms are not your people, they are your processes and / or procedures enabling the key part of your business, your people, to work effectively and efficiently.

Ensuring your people are working effectively and efficiently with your mechanisms will have a significant impact your team and your business.

This is your unique selling point (USP) which is impossible to replicate in any other business. Processes may be similar but they are never the same. Organisation culture will always be different, even in similar businesses. Each mechanism within your business contributes to your USP and needs continuous improvement to stay ahead of your competition. For sure, your competitors will always be looking to improve their USP and change is required just to stand still.

Central to all this is you; business owner, director, manager, inspirational leader or aspiring to be! There is or will be a great responsibility resting on your shoulders and getting it right, at least most of the time, will be crucial to keep the mechanisms turning.

About us; Decades of experience have brought us together with a very diverse background. Obviously we will never be a complete one-stop solution however, we know our limitations and will advise accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements to discuss how and where we can assist.

Best Regards

Robert & Sarah-Louise